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The Company RODANOS IOANNIS AND SIA ΕΕ (RODANOS) welcomes you to the e-shop www.rodanos.gr.








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E-mail: [email protected]

You are kindly requested to consult the present terms and conditions before any use of the webpage www.rodanos.gr and to make sure you have understood them and agree with them unconditionally.

RODANOS company reserves in any case the possibility of change of terms of use and terms of transactions.

Product Description

Our obligation, but also our main care, is that the information presented in the webpage www.rodanos.gr regarding quality, quantity, the main characteristics and prices of the products are absolutely accurate.

Still, on your computer screen some products may appear slightly different in size, color and texture in relation to reality.

RODANOS company explicitly respects the right of differentiation in case of unintentional misprinting of a product import.

Product Prices

The prices contained in the relevant lists beside each product include VAT.
These prices regard the available quantities, while www.rodanos.gr reserves its right to amend the description and the prices of its products without previous information; it promises however, to complete your order and send the products you ordered with the characteristics and prices appearing on its webpage at the time of the order.

Payment Methods

1. Credit/Debit Card:

Every online purchase from the website www.rodanos.gr takes place at the buyer’s selection with an option for payment with VISA, MASTERCARD and ΜAESTRO credit/debit cards.
The transactions take place electronically with safety, in real time, between the Buyer and owner of the card with Eurobank which carries out the transaction on behalf of www.rodanos.gr.

In this process, www.rodanos.gr has no participation and the sensitive data of your credit/debit card are not stored in its system.

If the buyer carrying out the transaction is not the same person as the Credit Card owner, www.rodanos.gr has no liability and has no obligation to return money.

2. Via Paypal:

PayPal allows you to pay directly and automatically encrypts sensitive data using the best technologies in the market.

3. Cash on delivery:

You can pay the courier employee on delivery of the products at your area.
For deliveries to Greece paid with cash on delivery there is an additional charge of €2,5.
For deliveries to Cyprus paid with cash on delivery there is an additional charge of €3.

4. Bank Deposit:

If you choose bank deposit payment method, contact us to reserve the products you ordered.
Phone: +30 2310473281, e-mail: [email protected], Fax: +30 2310473281

Bank accounts of RODANOS :


GR06 0260 0300 0009 0020 0716 776


GR27 0140 4050 4050 0200 2005 238

In the Bank’s Deposit Form write the Name or the order number and send us the copy of transaction.

In cases where the deposit is not made within two days from the day the order is placed, then the order is automatically canceled by the system.

Bank expenses are charged to the client

Shipping Methods

The products are shipped by courier and are safely delivered at the address set by you within two or three working days from the day of the payment of the order.

RODANOS (www.rodanos.gr) company is not liable in case of delay in delivery due to extreme weather conditions, strikes and force majeure in which case the above-mentioned delivery period will be extended for as long as the reason for the delay lasts.

Shipping charges are calculated and proposed in the order form. The products are always accompanied by the corresponding documentation. The client has the possibility to choose the type of document he wishes (retail receipt or invoice), completing the corresponding field on the site.

Orders within Greece are FREE for an amount over € 70, if you choose cash on delivery, there is an extra cost 2,5 euros. Orders for Cyprus cost 13 euros up to 2 kilos and in addition the cash on delivery 3 euros.
In addition there is the option of receiving your order from the Company RODANOS directly from our stores.

You can find us:

  • MEDITERRANEAN COSMOS 11 km Thessalonikis-Moudanion , Thessaloniki 570 01

For your best service, call us at 2310 473281 so that we can wait for you!
For all orders, packaging is free of charge.
In case of shipment of your products through the cooperating courier company, you can track your order through the site www.speedex.gr , with the tracking number sent to you.

Shipping charges

All shipping and packaging charges are calculated over the total amount of the purchase basket on the final payment amount.
1. Shipping costs for packages prepaid by bank transfer or credit card:

SPEEDEX Courier: EURO € 2,50 Delivery 1-3 working days under normal conditions. Delivery 4-10 in special situations and holidays.

2. Shipping costs by cash on delivery via SPEEDEX:

SPEEDEX Courier: EURO € 2,50 plus Euro € 2.50 for cash on delivery costs. Delivery 1-3 working days under normal conditions. Delivery 4-10 in special situations and holidays.

3. Shipping costs to Cyprus:

SPEEDEX Courier: Euro € 13, plus Euro € 3 for cash on delivery costs, up to 2 kilos

All charges are for packages of up to 2 kilos. For orders of over 2 kilos of weight the charge is € 0,50 per additional kilo.

In any case, if you wish, you can choose to pick up from store the package, without shipping costs (see the section Shipping Products).

Order Cancellation

If you wish to cancel the order during the online ordering process, you can press “cancel” and the ordering process is automatically stopped.
In case of transaction during bank holidays or non-working day (weekend) the consumer can cancel his order within 2 hours from the beginning of the next working day.

Return Policy

Our goal is to ensure your full satisfaction. If for any reason you are not satisfied by your order, you can exercise your right to return a part or all the products you bought within fourteen (14) days from the receipt date.

Return expenses are charged to the client-sender-consumer.

It is clarified that the products being returned must not be used, worn, washed, altered or damaged and the labels accompanying the product must be there, exactly the way they were when you received it together with the retail sale receipt and the invoice. Clothes and shoes in which the label has been removed, or which have been used in addition to the test procedure are not returned. You must also communicate by e-mail at [email protected] in order to be given instructions and a return code. In all the above cases return expenses are charged to the client.

If the product you requested is not available (e. g. larger size), we will either return your money or credit the cost of the specific product to your account and can be used for any new order you wish.

For hygiene reasons, beauty products (cosmetics, perfumes and make-up products) as well as underwear (boxers, briefs, etc.) and swimwear are not returned under any circumstances.

In any case, for anything related to your order, you can contact us directly at the customer service department for online orders at 2310 473281, Monday – Friday: 09:00 – 17:00 or via email at [email protected] gr.

Right of cancellation and money return

In case the consumer exercise the right of cancellation and money return of a product, the company RODANOS undertakes to return the money either to the consumer’s bank account or to the credit card and exceptionally and at the request of the consumer, it is possible to credit the amount for the next purchase. In all the above cases, return expenses are charged to the client.

Faulty Product and Packaging

RODANOS COMPANY before sending the order scrutinizes both the product and the packaging.

In the unlikely case that you receive a faulty or damaged product, www.rodanos.gr will make every possible effort to replace it with an identical or similar product without any additional cost to you. You must, however, inform us by e-mail at [email protected] so that we send you instructions to return the product and give you a return code. If the product is no longer available, it can be replaced by a product of equal value following arrangements or we can refund the money to you. www.rodanos.gr has no guarantee policy. We are not liable for any damage that may occur because of normal wear, bad use and destruction during label removal. For any product return it is necessary to fill in the relevant form (product return form), which is posted on our website.

Limitations Of Liability

For all the products included in www.rodanos.gr catalogs, there are clear indications regarding the availability of our storeroom. The transaction will only be considered completed after a written electronic confirmation has been sent. If the performance of an order is impossible, www.rodanos.gr has the right to withdraw and not to fulfill it, and if the price has already been collected, it is refunded by credit into your Bank account.


The links in this area are not controlled by www.rodanos.gr and our Company bears no responsibility for the contents, changes or the way of information through them.


www.rodanos.gr gives its users the possibility to choose their information about new products it promotes to market and other possible offers, payment arrangements etc. by sending advertising-information messages to their electronic or post address or by phone. www.ramazotti.com.cy will not abuse the above-mentioned service if the users request its interruption.

Personal Data

Your personal data in our company is now more secure.

Users’ details (name, email address, home address etc.) and the details of the transactions of the e-shop users are considered confidential, as is the case in ordinary transactions at a commercial shop.
The personal data you make available to us at your inscription as a member are used exclusively for the execution of your transactions.

Transaction Safety

www.rodanos.gr provides safety through encryption Secure  Socket Layer (SSL), one of the most reliable technologies used all over the world for the safety of online transactions. If at any point on the site, you are requested to enter personal data, www.rodanos.gr uses SSL technology, so that your personal data is moved encrypted by our server. In order to enter the e-shop of the COMPANY RODANOS you use two codes, the Entry Code (Email address) and the Personal Secret Safety Code (password). The e-shop of the COMPANY RODANOS gives you δίνει the possibility to change the Personal Secret Safety Code (password) as often as you wish and we recommend that you change your password regularly for reasons of security and avoid using the same codes.

Applicable Law – Court Jurisdiction

www.rodanos.gr reserves the right to amend or renew the terms and conditions of its transactions. All transactions you carry out through www.ramazotti.com.cy are governed by the International and European law which governs issues related to e-commerce and also by the Law about consumer protection (L. 2020) which settles issues regarding distance sales. The exclusive jurisdiction on any dispute that may arise from the use of the webpage and from the transactions carried out through it lies with the Courts of Limassol.

Use Of Cookies

The site of the shop of www.rodanos.gr used cookies because without them, operation of some of its basic service would be impossible.

The status of orders, multiple selections of users, storing items in the basket or in the list, recognition and facilitation of frequent users as well as improvement of the site content. Cookies do not cause damage to the users’ computers or the files stored therein, and they are automatically deleted every time you exit the site.

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